Où est mon assiette?

September 15, 2010 Comments Off on Où est mon assiette?

In French, there is the expression: Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette.

Literally, “I am not in my plate.”

Its meaning is extremely vague and nebulous. It took my awesome professor in Paris almost ten minutes to explain what it meant. The best translation I’ve found is “I’m feeling off.” When your daily activities are characterized by listlessness, malaise or a feeling of being off-balance; when something is wrong but you’re not sure what it is, then you are not in your plate.

Amazing expression. Where did it come from? Like, who was the first person who responded to “Hey, how are you?” with “You know how awesome it is to be in a plate? I’m just not feeling that way today.”

I have not been in my plate for a couple weeks now, but being able to tell people that je suis pas dans mon assiette makes it better. Linguistic quirks fill me with glee, no matter how far away my plate is.


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