Ways in which I need to man up.

November 19, 2010 Comments Off on Ways in which I need to man up.

1. If my hot chocolate is across the room but the cat has just crawled adoringly into my lap, I should push her off and go get my goddamn hot chocolate.

2. Centipedes. *shudder* …well, I’ll work on this one.

3. Expired food items in the fridge make me want to curl up and ignore them. I should really throw that old yogurt away.

4. Carbonate rocks make absolutely no sense to me. But when fate deals me a carbonate lab I should stop whimpering and start BSing.

5. When the entire drunken contents of Camp Randall Stadium converge around my apartment building as I am walking home from an edifying cultural event such as the symphony, I should run straight home at top speed without regard for other pedestrians. Preferably with my hood up, swinging a katana in order to physically manifest my idea of my personal space. BONUS: Then someone will make an animé movie based on my life. Sweet!

The cat is still on my lap and my hot chocolate is getting cold. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get to warm it up in a couple hours when she gets off me.


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