Long Nondescript Day #2

April 12, 2011 Comments Off on Long Nondescript Day #2

439 km

Today was loooong. Look at all that driving. We had a stellar breakfast across the street from our weird hotel, then hit the road, stopping once in Whanganui for lunch. The scenery was nice—it was that weird craggy farmland that was starting to become familiar. Unfortunately that meant really windy roads, and for some reason I got really, really nauseous. We had to pull over so I could decide whether I had to throw up. That’s the worst: I was mentally berating my body, saying, “If you have to throw up, that’s fine, do it now. If you don’t have to throw up, that’s better, but you have to let me know.” Naturally, it didn’t. But I didn’t either, so it turned out okay. I’ve never thrown up from motion sickness before, and I’m glad I didn’t break that record. For some reason the sun was incredibly bright that day, and always in our eyes, no matter what time it was. Thank god for sunglasses. Finally we made it to Te Kuiti, and couldn’t be bothered to find something to eat, so I ran to the grocery store and got Weight Watchers frozen stuff. Blurgh. Totally not worth it.



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