It’s official: I love to write!

April 27, 2011 Comments Off on It’s official: I love to write!

Well, there it is: the NZ blog. I’ve worked on it every single day since I started it, and in all I’ve written 23,646 words about NZ, not counting the skeleton journal. And I loved it! Okay, okay, I know I’ve always loved writing, always said I loved writing, always wanted to be a writer, but this clinches it. It feels like I’ve been doing a full-time job that I adore—a couple days last week I actually put in eight-hour days—and every once in a while I’d come to, thinking I should really be job-hunting but at the same time wondering why no one is paying me for what I’ve been doing. This is already my job. I’ve been following my calling for the last week, and many people have been kind enough to tell me they love what I’ve been writing. That’s enough for me—I have to find a way to get paid for this. Any ideas?


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