May 5, 2011 Comments Off on Bobbing

I get a daily touchy-feely New-Agey “let’s have a ceremony where you burn your oppressive thoughts and cleanse your living space using bamboo oil, crystals and burnt herbs” email that I alternately find helpful and am bored with. Some recent wise thoughts were about embracing change and letting go of the past with grace, which is pretty typical, but it brought into my mind a vivid metaphor for how I can be comfortable with my current situation.

When you’re at the beach and you swim out farther than you can stand, you find yourself at the mercy of the waves. But there’s a way to function out in the deep water that lets you take in stride the seawater splashing in your mouth and a feeling that you’re not getting anywhere. And in the meantime, you get wherever you’re swimming to. It’s a kind of resigned perseverance that I would do well to imitate now, I think, and to remember in future periods of my life when I have no solid ground under me.

These are my deep thoughts for the day.


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