The Sadness of Nightfall

May 9, 2011 Comments Off on The Sadness of Nightfall

On cloudy, foggy, snowy, rainy days I turn on the Christmas lights and light a candle while I read or write. The golden light inside clashes and roils with the pale chilly light from outside and reminds me that it is a beautiful, perfect day to be writing or reading. I feel cozy and I wrap up in a blanket with a hot mug of tea. When this happens, my world shrinks to the sphere of candlelight, and everything in the world is perfect, and I love everything in the world. But then the window goes dark, and suddenly the candle isn’t enough anymore. I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me to be wrapped in candlelight all night long, happily and obliviously scribbling away. But it is not meant to be.


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