You just can’t win with this planet.

May 18, 2011 Comments Off on You just can’t win with this planet.

I love the Earth and want to protect it and keep it clean and so on, yada yada yada, but dammit if it’s not really hard to do. Organic vegetables are better for you and for the environment, except they might not be as good for you (biotoxins? Wikipedia says they’re not a factor, but who knows?) and sometimes they have to be transported a great distance and have a carbon footprint the size of yo’ mama. Do you pick low pesticide levels or low carbon emissions? If you want to save power, you could wash your dishes by hand, which uses more water than a dishwasher. So do you choose to save electricity or water? To reduce waste, you might recycle boxes and newspapers and junk mail, as well as cans and bottles, but doesn’t it still take more energy to recycle all these things than to produce more of them? So do you pick less-full landfills or less electricity? Everywhere you turn you’re confronted with a catch-22 and it’s just too hard to know whether saving water is more important than reducing carbon emissions, or whether putting less into the landfill is more important than saving electricity. What are you supposed to do?

I guess the answer is to stick to decisions that don’t involve choosing between two evils—any time you can save on something not at the expense of something else, that’s the thing to do: turning off lights when you can, buying vegetables that aren’t swaddled in plastic, and so on. So here’s what I’m doing: trying for short, cooler showers; supporting companies who seem to have it together (like Organic Valley); trying not to eat beef (cattle are bad bad bad for the environment and I never liked them anyway…stupid animals); not throwing plastic bags away until they’re, say, full of cat litter; and not getting a car until I absolutely need one. If the Earth needs more from me, then I require specific instructions. She knows where to find me.


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