New Apartment!

May 24, 2011 Comments Off on New Apartment!

In August Simon and I will be moving into a nice big apartment out near the mall. Today we signed the lease, which makes it official! It’s on the first floor in a semi-soulless but reasonably attractive apartment complex…we’re working under the assumption that just because you live in a soulless apartment complex doesn’t mean that you yourself are soulless. Here’s the blueprint that was on the website:

We’re not sure whether the door in the big bedroom goes out to a porch or what; we maybe should have asked, but we figure it doesn’t matter—if there’s no porch, oh well, and even if there is, there’s a good chance we won’t use it. We’re not allowed to have a grill, anyway, which just kills me. The second bedroom will be my study and maybe storage space? unless I decide to use the pantry as my study instead. Both are tempting. I can’t decide. The kitchen has more than a foot of counter space and room for a big table! How exciting! And unfamiliar! Unfortunately the living room and bedrooms are carpeted. Who likes carpet anyway? Inconvenient stuff. But that’s okay. And unfortunately the stove is electric. Same question. But also okay.

Anyway. I think it’ll be good. The trouble with both of us is we keep thinking of it in terms of “well, it’s only for a year”—Simon doesn’t even want to move anything in, much in the spirit of “spoon in a shoebox.” So we have to start looking at it as somewhere we’re going to live, not as somewhere we’re just staying for a year. We’re going to put up a totem and probably get another cat, even though that makes the rent a little higher. Still cheaper than where I’m living now. Pictures to come soon! Our lease starts August 1.


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