Our New Totem

June 3, 2011 Comments Off on Our New Totem

Totems are a tradition in my family. Every separate place you live needs a totem to watch over it, which is usually a small cool decoration. Bad things happen if you don’t have a totem. I didn’t have one in this apartment for a long time and I almost failed Calc II. Now I have three: a little silver Buddha relief for the UW-Madison dorms, a weird little string of beads for my Paris cell, and a stone Medusa shield for my current apartment.  Obviously, now that Simon and I have found an apartment for next year, we need a totem to go with it, and fortunately we already have one in the form of the metal tuatara we got in Collingwood, NZ.

It’s pretty big—maybe two and a half feet long—but who says totems have to be small, right? It’s also a little grand for a so-so apartment we’re only living in for a year, but we figure it can be more representative of our officially deciding to live together than of the apartment itself. The best thing is, once you get a totem, it has to be up in every subsequent residence, so now we’ll be obligated to keep it up wherever we’re living. And just look at it. That’s gotta be some powerful medicine. We’re golden.


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