Lazy Sunday

June 26, 2011 Comments Off on Lazy Sunday

My sleep schedule is officially messed up. Last night I stayed up until after 2, slept until 11, lazed around with a cup of coffee while Simon’s dad made us waffles, went back upstairs and slept for an hour, and now I’m still sleepy and lounging around while I wait for dinner. Then Simon will drive me home and I will go to sleep again. What’s wrong with this picture?

Actually…nothing. At least not by me. It’s been a great weekend. Yesterday I read outside in the shade for a while, then finished (writing) a short story before going to the Brewers-Twins game, with Kopp’s for dessert. Last night we finished another disc of DS9, which is finally getting really good. Simon’s mom made strawberry shortcake. And man did I need to get out of Madison.

But everything is about to get better. I think I’m going to get a job (maybe??) at a temp agency, if Epic decides to pass me by—at least the guy in charge seemed to like me a lot—and I told them I can start on the 11th. In the meantime, the Summer Choir concert is Wednesday, and that night Mom and Derek are coming for SOAR, and then I’m going home with them for about a week. Then hopefully work and definitely an American Sign Language class at MATC. Things are looking up.


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