Tooth Dream

August 21, 2011 Comments Off on Tooth Dream

In July I had a really intense dream where the palm of my left hand was disfigured by a huge angry dark pink ridged mound with a large tooth in the middle of it like a whitehead. In my dream I squeezed it like a zit and out came a fat three-inch chisel-shaped tooth, protruding both ways out of a ring of gum. And the palm of my hand was a crater.

It FREAKED ME OUT. It wasn’t a nightmare, but it was extremely vivid and for days I kept my fingers closed over my palm, afraid I would suddenly see the crater appear. It made me slightly sick to my stomach, although the tooth had felt like something toxic that had to be removed, but most of all, the dream felt significant. The reason I bring it up is that yesterday I happened to look up “Stigmata” on Wikipedia, and it brought the dream back in all its twisted glory. It has been another closed-hand day. But it makes me think about dream interpretation; a lot of people think dreams are nonsense, that there’s no sense or order at all in them, that analyzing them is a waste of time. There are times when I think that…and then there are times when I have dreams like my tooth dream. No one in his right mind would be able to resist thinking (at least briefly) that this dream means something, if only he could figure out what. It’s the same principle that operates when you walk by a hill and you have to climb it, or you see a cave and you have to see if you can duck-walk into it. It feels sort of like a supernatural sign; a dream that vivid reads like a bluntly allegorical poem, and I can’t help feeling that I’m supposed to decipher the message, and that my punishment for not having done so immediately is to be haunted by a conviction that a giant tooth is about to erupt out of my hand.

As a matter of fact I have a dream symbol dictionary, but the tooth entry is unhelpful. Teeth are like seeds or dragon’s blood (?), and women going through menopause often dream of teeth. Also, according to Freud, a phallic symbol. Thanks, dream dictionary. Clearly I am meant to decipher the secret message without outside aid. And if I strike out for Mordor or something, it probably means I figured the message out and am following my destiny. In the meantime, I may have to wrap my hand in gauze, just in case.


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