Coffee Shop Addiction

August 25, 2011 Comments Off on Coffee Shop Addiction

Facebook allows me to track in exquisite detail just how many of my friends LOVE to hang out and do work in coffee shops. There are at least three major offenders; they’re all people I like, but I’m starting to suspect they have a problem.

I understand the appeal. My mental image of working in a coffee shop is as follows: A cozy collection of squashy armchairs and cute little two-person tables; me working peacefully amid other people working or chatting quietly; hot beverages to aid brain function; maybe some gentle rain outside. It sounds idyllic. But coffee shops never work out that way, at least when I visit. First of all, hot beverages are expensive! I feel pressure to go with the cheapest (smallest) one available. Maybe this has something to do with being unemployed. Then the tables are sticky and people have taken the only ones I want, which are nestled in the corner. There are stupid people talking loudly at the next table so you can barely think. If it’s summer, the air conditioning is turned up too high, or it’s hot. It’s never rainy unless you’re about to leave. Distracting music is playing.

Why wouldn’t I stay home, in my quiet, clean, organized (kind of) office where I can easily make myself coffee or hot chocolate or even a mocha? No people. I get to choose the music. I get free snacks whenever I want. I just don’t understand people who say they just can’t work at home. If you designate a place to work at home, then everything works out great!

Coffee shop addiction is probably a worse problem than coffee addiction. Clearly, as a culture we have been seduced by the pretty pictures, and apparently no one ever looks around and says in disappointed tones, “This just isn’t as good as my mental image.” Does anyone who goes to coffee shops even notice that it’s not what they wanted? Or are they brainwashed by their own mental images? It’s sad. Stay home, people. Your home loves you. Plus it has a coffeemaker.


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