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September 14, 2011 Comments Off on Le petit chat

Yesterday we got a kitten!! She is entirely black (even her whiskers) with copper-colored eyes, eight weeks old according to the Humane Society’s best guess. She has a great big deep purr which she uses constantly and she will jump on absolutely anything that moves or, in the case of human feet, doesn’t move. She is developing a penchant for climbing up on shoulders and she cannot use the litter box without getting REALLY excited about the litter and playing in it. (Gross? But very cute.) YT isn’t really okay with this yet: she spend a lot of time hiding under the blankets and when we open the door to the kitten’s room an inch or so she hunkers down and hisses and growls at the poor little kitten, who was so excited at first to see another cat. It’s working well to keep them separated except that YT needs a lot of love so she doesn’t do something drastic, and the kitten is fine with absolutely everything but really loves having company…and it’s just me at home during the day. Name possibilities include Fearless, Mazurka, Avogadro, Fledermaus, and Zoroaster.

Apparently Simon has tasty tasty feet. I wouldn't know.

Big ol' ears!


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