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September 15, 2011 Comments Off on Good Word Stuff

While considering kitten names, we started listing synonyms for “fearless.” One possibility is “intrepid,” and I finally realized the etymology! In- as in “not,” and trepid as in “trepidation.” Good to realize! I love etymological breakthroughs.

Here’s another: words relating to umbrella! First of all, “umbrella” is related to “penumbra” and the French word for shadows, “ombre.” Cool. The French word for “umbrella” is parapluie. Now, the French word for “windshield” is pare-brise, which means parry-breeze or break-breeze. So maybe a para-pluie breaks rain? And THEN perhaps a para-sol breaks sun? Or maybe it’s only for sun. Either way! MAN, language is cool.


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