Feng Shui for Sleeping

December 18, 2011 Comments Off on Feng Shui for Sleeping

I should stipulate that I know nothing about feng shui. Yet I found myself talking seriously about it early this morning because of the abysmal night I’d had, and I’d had an abysmal night because I slept in an extra bed in Derek’s room, where the feng shui is all wrong.

I know next to nothing about feng shui, and when I did a quick Google for this post, I found that real feng shui has some recommendations that run counter to what I’m about to say, so I guess that makes this my personal feng shui? (Feng shui experts everywhere are coming alert and frowning in my direction from afar.) Here’s what was wrong with the room:

  1. The bed is placed against the doors of a large cabinet which does not take up the entire length of the bed. The whole point of a cabinet is to contain things, and the doors opened toward me, which was a lot of energy pouring onto me from a narrow area, while the spaces on either side were empty and creepy. I need to be against a wall.
  2. The door opens the wrong way, and it bumps into the bed. It makes me feel cramped. Real feng shui apparently says you should be able to see the door, so maybe that’s part of the problem too.
  3. The space is cluttered. Derek isn’t living there right now, so it’s a repository for our extensive stock of Playmobils, which is awesome when I’m not sleeping, but I found it stifling. Also it means I can’t get to the window to open it, which means I am mostly too hot.

This is why I believe in chi, even though people roll their eyes at me. Whatever you call it, some rooms feel stagnant and stifling, others like they can breathe—and it has nothing to do with air flow.

P.S. I should note that Derek’s bed is in a better place (up against a wall) where the door opens the right way, and if he were living there the clutter would most likely be gone. Just so no one accuses me of slandering him.


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