New York!

February 16, 2012 Comments Off on New York!

The departure from Madison was magical this morning. And by magical, I mean someone had to have had their eye on us. In spite of the best of intentions, neither of us had packed the night before, so this morning we scrambled to get our stuff together and stormed out the door late. Miraculously, we did not forget anything, and when we reached the airport, there was exactly enough time to get through security and buy some coffee and a chocolate muffin before walking straight onto the plane. The flights were great. Like I said, charmed.

When we got to New York we were issued an information sheet on the ways you can be scammed by cabbies, and we got to our hotel and sat there because no one would answer Simon’s calls. Eventually we went out in search of food and promptly ran into Simon’s uncle on the street. Then we went to Big Nick’s, a place we thought was famous for its pizza (which was absolutely stellar), but which we later heard was totally not worth going to if you weren’t going to get a burger. Hm. (For the rest of the time we had cold ground beef-curry-garlic-basil pizza for snacks. Mmmm.)

After some familial hanging-out time, most of us went to Artie’s, a Jewish deli, which served sandwiches piled so high with pastrami and corned beef that they wouldn’t fit in your mouth. Unless you are a foodally gifted individual such as myself. It was quite delicious. We stayed for a very long time because at the end of an already prolonged dinner we received word that Miriam and Nan were coming, so we ordered more food from our long-suffering waitress and waited for them to come and then waited while they ate. It was fun. I love a day that mostly revolves around food.



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