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Last night as I was eating my delicious dinner, I happened to glance down at my elbow. There, as if a god had silently teleported it there, was a box full of small tomatoes. Of course I had actually bought it myself a few days prior and had neglected to put it away, but it felt like divine intervention because suddenly my body was frantically trying to flag down my attention. “OMG tomatoes! Eat them! EAT THEM!!” And I thought how delicious they would be with my dinner, and I cut one up and I ate it and it was good. So I cut up two more. And then another one. Eventually I finished dinner, but I still found myself plucking tomatoes out of the box. In short order I had eaten them ALL—at least a dozen.

It was wonderful. It’s unsettling how easy it is to forget the power of a happy body to make you feel good. There is no feeling to compare with responding instantly and wholeheartedly to your body’s cravings (as long as they aren’t for something like Milk Duds). Like when your body signals that it wants to stretch, and you obligingly arch your whole body, or when you’ve been camping for a few days and your body wants nothing more than to be clean and so you take a shower. Cravings for exercise, leafy greens, a bath, a nap, a stretch, oatmeal, aromatherapy, or warmth, when indulged, make for a deeply satisfied body that feels better than anything else you could do.

Listen to your body and love it. Eat tomatoes.


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