Down from the door where it began

January 17, 2016 Comments Off on Down from the door where it began

Today was the day Simon and I went to Hawaii. I was up at 5am to finish packing and did such a stellar job that we still left ahead of time! That was the only thing that went right for a while.

I’ve been short on contact lenses for a long time and haven’t been wearing them, but I wore the first pair of my brand-new supply on the way to Chicago this morning and it messed with my vision like a Hitchcock original camera trick: my peripheral vision was somehow speeding past me extra-fast, and it made me terribly, terribly motion-sick. We had to pull over at the Illinois welcome station for half an hour and I spat sadly into the toilet until Simon gently told me we had to go. It was bitterly cold, and I changed back to my glasses as I shivered… but it was too late. (Or maybe it wasn’t – I felt better later, but it takes motion sickness SO LONG to subside it almost feels like it never will.)

At O’Hare Simon and I were shunted into separate security lines; mine was waiting for one TSA agent to check our boarding passes, and it snaked back and forth six times, at least a hundred feet each way. Simon’s line leapfrogged everyone, for no clear reason. Bored, I bonded with the guy standing behind me and sent Simon texts like “Who are you, the Prince of Wales?” It took 20 minutes to complete one leg of the line, so even after they added another TSA agent security took me over an hour to clear. On the other side, Simon was waiting with snacks and water, bless his heart. It was a bad morning.

The flight to San Diego was better. I was still intermittently sick, but having great conversations with Simon about geology, education, and music helped. And when we landed it was in the high 60s and bright sunny.

We had been hoping to hit the zoo on the way out, but Simon had a bad heel crack and I still felt wilted and we decided not to try to do a lot of walking. Instead we checked into our hotel and went across the street for real food – I hadn’t really eaten anything, understandably – and it completed my cure. The restaurant was located right on a marina and was open to the sea breeze. After dinner we went walking by the water. I think balconies are romantic and wanted to sit out on ours, but the view was awfully California: palm trees swaying by the ocean, plus ratty empty parking lots partnered with unimaginative poured-concrete hotels. I sat out only long enough to watch someone flying a quadcopter in the parking lot next door. It had been a tiring day.



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